Are DIY Plantation Shutters A Savvy Idea For Your Hartford House?

Holly Perron

DIY plantation shutters for your Hartford house might seem like a savvy solution at first. You get the shutters, and you start mounting them according to the steps listed in the accompanying pamphlet.

Unlike other home improvement projects, there are more than a hundred ways to end up with critical errors when installing plantation shutters. You could measure the window incorrectly or destroy something while setting up the shutters. The product will then become inoperable or the material will be ruined. And you’ll have to purchase all the parts all over again.

If you don’t have the experience, the finishing touches, and the tools, you’re more likely to end up with a mistake. Is the cost of a mistake worth it? When it comes to DIY plantation shutters, it’s not. Shutter experts explain 5 more reasons why DIY plantation shutters are not a good solution for your Hartford residence.

1. The Right Shutter Product

The vendor you buy shutters from is doubtful to have the products you‘re looking for. And, they may not assist you in determining what works best for a specific room. Interior shutters that work in the living room may not be suitable for the bathroom where they’d be subjected to high humidity. And not all shutters fit all windows.

Our professionals assist you in choosing the right products and the right options with the right frame so they last a lifetime. We proudly present you with these quality shutter products: Ovation® shutters (five star rated wood shutters) and Polywood® shutters (the best-selling plantation shutters in America).

2. Different Window Shapes

Arched plantation shutters in contemporary bedroom

You may have noticed how the windows in your home are not the same size. And they could even be different shapes, like triangle, arched, circle, and octagon.

Most online retailers and suppliers only carry plantation shutters for rectangular windows. They won’t have specialty shaped shutters because there’s a great chance for errors in measurement. If they do have them and your measurements are wrong, the shutters will be too big and won’t look good. This is where most mistakes are made with DIY plantation shutters.

And even worse, DIY plantation shutters for a special shaped window may lead to shutters that can’t be opened and closed properly. You could also install the shutter in a way that doesn’t let the louvers to be adjusted easily.

Our experts measure the length and width of your window - and every corner in between. This ensures that your odd shaped indoor shutters fit flawlessly. Then, utilizing advanced computer technology and relying on more than 35 of experience with window shutters, we craft your interior shutters to fit your odd shaped windows perfectly.

3. Challenging Window Types

Some windows slide or tilt in. Others have a crank. If you forget to leave enough clearance between the shutter panels and the window when mounting your DIY plantation shutters, you’ll be stuck with a crank that is not accessible and a window that won’t tilt in.

Our professionals have seen all the types of windows. They’ve set up shutters on French doors, sliding glass doors, bay windows, double hung windows, windows with cranks - you name it! We take care to mount the window shutters you need in the right louver size to effectively operate your shutters.

4. Attention To Detail

Each piece, each one eighth inch, each angle is key when setting up plantation shutters yourself. So keep an eye out for the details. If the louvers bind and the panel is not level, you are stuck with window shutters that have tightness all over, limited functionality, and big gaps. These problems can cause unusual depreciation of the shutters. And there’s a chance that the shutter panels won’t function properly.

If DIY plantation shutters are not mounted squarely, it’s possible that too much pressure can build up from the usage and the weight. And this may lead to the shutters breaking.

Take the stress out of this project by hiring a team of experts to install your plantation shutters in Hartford, CT. A handful of local stores, like Sunburst Shutters Hartford, present you with a white glove service. We’ve been setting up plantation shutters for decades. Our experts are aware of each detail of the installation process to make sure that your interior shutters look perfectly finished every time - and operate readily. Don’t worry. You won’t have to even tell us to wear protective booties over our shoes (or watch for that expensive vase). That’s because we treat your home with the same level of attention we show your windows.

5. Overall Cost

When you first consider DIY plantation shutters, the main cost seems to be the shutter product only. But the costs of additional shutter parts, materials to apply the finishing touches, and the tools needed add up faster than you think. And that’s without mentioning the physical demands and stress of this project. Are you ready for the actual cost of DIY plantation shutters?

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Sunburst Shutters professional installing plantation shutters

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