Congrats To The 2016 Summer Share Your Shutters Winner!

Holly Perron

Announcing the Summer 2016 #ShareYourShutters contest winner – Sabrina L. of Houston, Texas!

Her awesome shutters caught our eye with how seamlessly they fit with her furnishings and accentuate her interior design.

Natural Wood shutters in family room windows by Sunburst Shutters Hartford.

“They’re still one of my favorite things about my home,” Sabrina raved when she sent us the photos of her awesome room. And we believe her; those Ovation® plantation shutters are the perfect window addition to the room, flawlessly complementing the beige and oak color palette of her design.

The appearance of the natural wood shutters also plays well with her hardwood table and floor, making a room that brings sights of the outdoors inside. Additionally with the room’s fairly large windows, the plantation shutters give her the ability to set any mood with the complete control she has over light–you can see those sunbeams pouring in! The fact that Sabrina’s shutters are still one of Sabrina’s favorite home additions just speaks to the longevity and beauty of plantation shutters.

As a prize, Sabrina will get a gift certificate worth $100 for a dinner in Houston, not to mention bragging rights for her wonderful design!

Want to see if the shutters in your home look good enough to win? Share pictures of your shutters installed by Sunburst Shutters Hartford to enter the #ShareYourShutters contest for this fall, and you could be the winner of a gift certificate and have your home design featured as well. We think it’s about time a home in Hartford was featured, don’t you?
We want to see your shutters, Hartford!