The Best Sliding Door Window Treatment in Hartford

Holly Perron

When homeowners look for the best window treatments for Hartford homes, sliding doors are occasionally neglected. That’s bad news, because finding the right window treatment for your sliding door can be more important than any other window, given how often they’re utilized and the potential visual accent they can offer your home.

Sunburst Shutters Hartford is happy to lend a hand in finding the perfect window treatment for your sliding door. Let’s get started with the most important considerations to bear in mind for sliding door products, and then compare specific treatments that might work in your space.

Sliding Door Window Treatment Considerations

Keep the following properties in mind when searching for your ideal sliding door window treatment:

  • Longevity: Doors tend to be used more frequently than windows, so find a treatment that can handle the usage.

  • Orientation: Sliding doors move horizontally, whereas the majority of windows move vertically. Ensure that your window treatment won’t obstruct the usage of the door, keeping in mind the amount of space is available around the door.

  • Light & Privacy control: Sliding doors are quite large compared to most windows, so a product that gives you great light control and privacy is important.

The Best Treatments for Sliding Doors

Polywood Plantation Shutters

Faux wood shutters on sliding door connecting to full porch.

The first option we’ll examine is also the product we recommend the most. Plantation shutters satisfy all the criteria for a great sliding door treatment. Sunburst Polywood® plantation shutters in particular are a terrific choice. Polywood will never discolor or fade, so your house preserves that timeless, sophisticated aesthetic. Plantation shutters are also extremely energy-efficient, offering you the utmost control of heat and light entering your home.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of shutters when it comes to sliding doors is their durability. Sliding doors will almost always be opened and closed more often than windows, so the ability to stand up to repeated use is important. Polywood shutters are resistant to warping, breaking or cracking, so you can rest assured no matter how heavily-trafficked your sliding door is, your shutters will make your space beautiful for years.

Sliding Door Vertical Blinds

An additional common choice for sliding glass doors in Hartford is vertical blinds. As you can guess, these blinds hang vertically, suspended from a track mounted atop your sliding door. If you have a certain color palette you want to follow, vertical blinds may be the solution for you, since they’re available in a variety of different colors, materials and designs. You can also tailor your choice with a cord tilt, wand, or automatic mechanism to make opening and closing them a breeze.

Don’t forget though that there may be a few disadvantages with vertical blinds. They tend to not block nearly as much light as shutters will, even when the blinds are completely shut. Blinds also tend to sway, which means less privacy when shut. Blinds are also notorious for breaking if subjected to constant use.

Panel Tracks for Sliding Doors

Hartford Living room with gray walls and tan sliding panel tracks. 

Sliding panel tracks are typically chosen for larger windows, making your sliding glass door an ideal site for a stylish panel track installation. With their capacity to control light and privacy and effortless operation, panel tracks are ideal for sliding doors in areas where you’ll do a lot of entertaining.

Basically, panel tracks are individual wide panels of material that adjust on a track—like extremely large vertical blinds, though they only open and shut, meaning they don’t tilt. They can be found in a selection of materials, from natural fibers to fabrics to wood and beyond - so you can find one that fits your Hartford home’s style.

Depending on the height and width and orientation of your sliding door, you can select setups for a sliding panel track so it can close on one side or in the center, so you can coordinate function with your fashion.

Let’s Find Your Perfect Fit

Your sliding door may be the most noticeable window in your Hartford home, so we want to ensure that the window treatment you select is the right one for you. Check out the Sunburst Idea Gallery for some design inspiration, then call Sunburst Shutters Hartford today at 860-266-5459 to schedule your free in-home design consultation and take the guesswork out of your home design.