The Highest Quality Plantation Shutters In Norwich

When you’re shopping for a lasting window covering, not just anything will do. Sunburst Shutters offers the best plantation shutters in Norwich. Our custom plantation shutters are made to keep their great looks up to 30 years from when you purchase them.

As a local Norwich shutter seller since 1997, we’ve served thousands of customers and enhanced their windows and homes with the finest, highly rated shutters available. Each detail, from our quality craftsmanship to our professional installation is made to give you the most reliable plantation shutters in Norwich.

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Why Norwich Houses Need Interior Shutters

With so many Norwich homes making use of interior shutters, there have to be good reasons for it, right? In all honesty, there are several reasons to pick interior shutters for your space. Here’s why others are getting them:

  • Shutters are resilient. Shutters’ big advantage over other window treatments is that they last, survive, and thrive. Where a simple set of blinds or drapes from a store may break, distort or fade out in less than a few years, shutters stand the test of time. With expert construction and resilient material, shutters can stay a component of your place for as long as you want.

  • Shutters help control temperature. Sure, blinds or shades might block some light, but are they any good at managing your interior heat levels? If you don’t purchase additional window insulation, energy might still pass through your windows without trouble. High-quality plantation shutters can greatly reduce that heat transfer.

  • Shutters are gorgeous. No other window treatment comes close to the timelessness, sophistication, flexibility, and visual appeal of interior shutters.

Polywood - Norwich’s Faux Wood Shutter of Choice

Don’t let that descriptor mislead you. Polywood® plantation shutters are more than just Norwich’s favorite faux wood shutters, they’re above and beyond any other faux wood shutters on the market.

Polywood shutters are great at all the things that make shutters desireable in Norwich. Their neutral white or real wood tones give classic beauty to your house. Polywood will never chip, warp, or crack, and is totally water-proof and heatproof, making them incredibly durable. And no window treatment can even come close to rivaling Polywood shutters’ temperature control with their ability to block close to half of the energy movement through your window.

Add to that, Polywood plantation shutters are completely American-made, and come standard with one the best shutter warranties around. And if you want a more budget-friendly shutter for smaller windows in Norwich, check out Sunburst’s builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Gorgeous Wood Shutters In Norwich

Capture the beauty of hardwood shutters for your home with Sunburst’s Ovation® Wood Shutters. Ovation Wood Shutters are a popular wood shutter in Norwich because of their beautiful, solid furniture-grade teak wood. Real wood shutters offer a rich depth to the space with their grain and knots. And because Ovation Shutters are available in more than 28 stains, you’re easily able to find the best one for your home design.

If you want a more organic look, consider our reclaimed wood shutters available in Norwich, Connecticut. Each shutter is built with reclaimed wood from throughout the country and comes with its own unique history. Whether the wood is sourced from an old fence, barn, or building, it comes with its unique characteristics that make it an original work of art right in your house.

Find Custom Shutters For Your Norwich Home with Sunburst

Getting custom shutters in Norwich is a breeze when you choose Sunburst Shutters. Our team is here to help you through each step of the process so in the end you get the exact type of shutters you need to fit your style and budget. Here’s our simple process for getting shutters in your home:

  1. Call 860-266-5459 or complete the form at the bottom of the page to set up a free in-home design consultation with a Sunburst pro.

  2. During your meeting, our window pro will get measurements for your windows. Then they will go over all all the choices you have, as well as give you suggestions for picking the best window treatments for your individual budget and style.

  3. You choose the window treatment you want and place your order.

  4. A short time later, when your shutters are ready, a professional installer will return to your home to put in your shutters and teach you how to use them and care for them.

Once it’s all said and done, you have elegant shutters in your home without ever lifting a finger.

Sunburst Offers Blinds & Shades in Norwich, Too

Even though shutters is in our name, they’re definitely not the only window covering we provide. From shades to blinds and beyond, Sunburst is your source for any window covering in Norwich.


Norwich Shades

The simplicity and easy operation of shades are difficult to argue against. We provide the highest quality cellular shades, Roman shades, and fabric shades–with tons of options to choose from in textures, colors and more.

Norwich Polywood Blinds

We don’t stop at creating the best shutters in Norwich. Polywood Blinds combine the strength, durability and lastingness of Polywood with the easy operation and minimal design of blinds. With configurations available in basswood and faux wood, with tons of options including wand or tilt cords and valances, Polywood Blinds answer the old question of “Can you build a better blind?”

Get Started With Sunburst Shutters In Norwich

There’s no reason to hesitate to install new shutters for your home. By partnering with Sunburst Shutters for your window treatments in Norwich, there’s no question you’ll get superior customer service along with elegant, acclaimed window treatments.

So call Sunburst Shutters Hartford today at 860-266-5459 or fill out the form below to set up a free window design consultation. We’re excited to help homeowners in Norwich and its surrounding areas find the perfect shutters and window coverings for their home, style, and budget. So don’t hesitate. Let’s get started!