The Best-Looking Plantation Shutters In Wethersfield

There’s nothing that offers more grace and beauty to the windows in your house than plantation shutters, and no company knows plantation shutters better than Sunburst Shutters Hartford. Since 1997, we have helped thousands of customers upgrade their windows and enrich their space with beautiful plantation shutters in Wethersfield.

As one of the best local shutter companies in Wethersfield, we care about our customers – and it shows. Starting with your initial in-home consultation to expert installation, we provide a hassle-free process to give you the best plantation shutters in Wethersfield.

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The Reason For Interior Shutters in Wethersfield

So what’s the reason that Wethersfield homeowners go with interior shutters as their preferred window treatment? There are many reasons why homes in your neck of the woods use shutters, no matter if the house is old, new, big, or small:

  • Looks - Moreso than any other reason, shutters are widespread throughout Wethersfield because they look great. Their solid construction and precise fit offer an air of timelessness, and their clean lines let them accentuate almost any style you can think of. Add to that their stunning wood texture, with numerous paint and color options available.

  • Durability - Plantation shutters are constructed to handle whatever the Wethersfield environment can throw at them. Whereas other window treatments may lose their luster or bend after prolonged sun exposure, shutters hold strong and retain their beauty for ages. Shutters also don’t need any cords, wands, or mechanisms that can need to be replaced after a short time.

  • Temperature Control - Indoor shutters protect you from Wethersfield weather more than any other window treatment on the market. With an r-value that easily beats drapes, blinds, and more – shutters serve to keep your home at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather outside is like.

Wethersfield’s Best-Selling Faux Wood Shutter: Polywood

For all the reasons interior shutters are Wethersfield homeowners’ preferred window treatment, Polywood® plantation shutters provide those benefits and then some.

Made from a unique solid engineered compound, Polywood shutters are 100% immune to chipping or cracking, and won’t ever warp or split. They’re definitely the strongest shutter available in Wethersfield. Not to mention, they’re totally moisture-proof and heat-resistant, so they’ll survive the worst storms.

Polywood shutters come standard in an array of white and off-white shades, with available wood-like stains for a darker and moodier tone. Their enduring elegance, solid louvers, and clean lines make these shutters a fantastic part of any home, regardless of the style or age.

Our unique Polywood material, with standard weatherstripping that’s customized to your windows, makes Polywood plantation shutters far and away the most energy efficient window covering out there. Polywood shutters can prevent almost half of the heat transfer through your windows, resulting in lower HVAC bills for you.

Not to mention, Polywood shutters are American-made.

Bring Warmth to Your Home Wood Shutters In Wethersfield

Natural wood shutters like Ovation® wood shutters in Wethersfield bring coziness and depth to any space. Made from solid, furniture-grade wood, Ovation shutters are designed to perfectly fit your windows, and are absolutely gorgeous. Offered in several different wood stains, Ovation wood shutters are able to accentuate any style in your home so you can have the perfect look you desire.

For an even more natural wood shutter, we also make reclaimed wood shutters which are built from reclaimed wood from varying sources like old doors or fences. Each shutter is one of a kind and has gorgeous divots, stippling, and textures that combine to make not only a stunning window covering, but also a tasteful accessory for just about any room.

It’s Simple To Get Custom Shutters In Wethersfield

Buying the best shutters for your house might seem somewhat daunting. But when you work with Sunburst, we make the process of getting custom shutters in Wethersfield simple. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Make a call to 860-266-5459 or complete the form below to set up a complimentary in-home consultation with a member of our design team.

  2. During the in-home consultation a Sunburst shutter pro will get exact measurements of your windows. They will also take time with you to discuss all your custom shutter options, and give suggestions for what might work well with your unique needs as well as your budget.

  3. After understanding all the options, select your preferred window treatment and put in your order.

  4. Within a short time, our installation team comes to your house to put in your new shutters and teach you how to maintain them.

Once finished, you’ll have fantastic custom shutters for your home without having to measure or install them yourself. It’s that simple to get gorgeous, custom shutters in Wethersfield.

Blinds, Shades and More in Wethersfield!

Sunburst isn’t just Wethersfield’s local shutter provider. Our window treatment options stretch as wide as your windows do, and then some.


Wethersfield Blinds

Sunburst’s Polywood Blinds provide the low maintenance and convenience of blinds with the great looks and strength of Polywood. Available in both faux wood and basswood packages, Polywood blinds are a step above your standard metal blinds.

Wethersfield Shades

Offering pull-down shades, rolling shades, Roman shades, cellular shades and more–Sunburst is your source for shades in Wethersfield. With a wide selection of patterns, textures and configurations for unique window setups, you can find your home’s perfect shades with Sunburst.

And that’s just the beginning - browse through the Sunburst Design Idea Gallery for additional design tips, whether you need shades, blinds, or another window covering in Wethersfield.

For Wethersfield Window Treatments, Turn To Sunburst

Don’t make your windows an afterthought to your home improvement projects any longer. With help from Sunburst Shutters Hartford, you can totally change up the look and feel of your space, without ever lifting a finger.

Just call 860-266-5459 today to talk to one of our window design experts, and schedule your complimentary window design consultation, so you can find the best window treatment for your home’s windows, no matter the size, shape, or place in your home.