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3 Signs You Were Given a Bad Shutters Quote in Hartford

March 27, 2017

When you let a window treatment installer, home remodeler or any kind of home service provider into your Hartford home, you place a lot of trust in them. Sadly, some home service providers might take advantage of your trust, especially during the quoting process. To help you in getting great home services, our team has assembled some pointers on how to recognize when you’re being fooled during a shutter quote, and the steps you can take to guard yourself when getting a Hartford shutter quote and picking a shutter company.

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Remember that while our experience is primarily in shutters and window treatments in Hartford, these tips can apply to any home service, from home security installers to painters and beyond.

Signs You’re Being Fooled By a Shutter Quote

The biggest giveaways of a bad shutter quote apply to almost every home service sector. These are some of the most commonly-seen warning signs.

1. The Quote They Give Is Lower Than Any Other By Far

If you get a quote for shutters from someone and it’s way cheaper than any other quote, be careful. The service provider may be quoting you for a baseline product without features that you may have thought came standard. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it just might be.

2. They Give A You Phenomenal Price Quote Sight Unseen

Some companies might quote you an excellent price on shutters without ever stepping foot near your windows, asking about your specific needs and wants, or even measuring the windows. A lot goes into picking the right shutter, so if your shutter company can’t get all the details exactly right, there could be a large gap between a quote and the final price.

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3. The Dealer Tells You Their Product is Identical to the Name Brand

A surefire sign of a bad shutter quote or any home service quote is if the sales representative insists that their product is just like a popular name brand. Every product is different from how it’s built to the material to its finish and more. Yet, companies who offer cheaper products commonly tell customers theirs is just like brand X. This is done to make you feel like you’re getting a superior product for a great price, when you might just be buying a lower-quality product at a matching price.

Ways To Guard Yourself Against Bad Window Treatment Quotes

Knowing these signs of a bum quote can save you money and stress in the long run, but there are also a number of precautionary steps you can take to ensure that you do business with a good shutter company.

1. Check Their Credentials

Do some research on your shutter seller or home service provider. Resources like the BBB or Angie’s List can give you a good image of their reliability.

2. Get Your Quote in Writing

You can’t always trust a quote you hear on the phone. Getting a price quote in writing ensures that the details (including square footage, shutter extras, and install specifics) all correspond with what you have in mind. And be sure that the details are on the quote–such as the total square footage, name/brand of the product, and details of the warranty–in writing!

3. Work Locally

Working with a local shutter provider or local contractor gives you less hassle when making sure a quote is for exactly what you want. Sunburst Shutters Connecticut is locally owned and managed, and we strive to simplify the whole shutter-buying process from start to finish.

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