3 Window Treatment Ideas For Wide Windows In Hartford, CT

Holly Perron

If your window is larger than four feet wide, adjustable window treatments that are also fashionable may seem tricky to find in Hartford. But more options are available than you realize.

Yes, some window treatment options like blinds can cover wide windows. But with multiple blinds that butt up to each other without a frame, blinds don’t show the window off. And they don’t offer control over light and temperature.

That’s why we compiled these 3 window treatment ideas for wide windows in Hartford. So you can understand what works best for your wide windows.

1. Shutters For Wide Windows

Wide windows let in lots of light. And plantation shutters help you control that light. They cover the whole window by using multiple panels surrounded by a frame that gives you a seamless look. Each shutter panel can swing out along its hinge. The louvers on each panel tilt down to block out as much light as possible. The frame surrounding the panels brings the window treatment together so that it looks finished on your wide window.

Plantation shutters on wide kitchen windows 

You can adjust each shutter panel for as much light as you want let in with a tilt rod. The louvers all tilt together, so you can let in more light quicker. Depending on how big your windows are, you might even choose to have a divider rail installed. A divider rail allows you to adjust the bottom louvers separately from the top louvers.

Wide windows have a lot of glass, which can lead to higher utility bills. Certain plantation shutters, such as Polywood®, can prevent heat transfer and airflow. And that directly translates into energy savings for your home.

Privacy is a concern with wide windows that have a lot of glass. Plantation shutters for wide windows close all the way to block off both curious eyes looking in and light. Angle the louvers upward to let some light into the room while maintaining your privacy.

2. Window Film For Wide Windows

Your wide windows provide you with a beautiful view of your Hartford neighborhood. Window film helps you enjoy that view without any distractions. When applied to your wide window, the film may add a colored tint to the window. You can pick from many levels of darkening to give you some privacy. The darker tints won’t obstruct your view from the inside looking out.

Wide window with window film 

In addition, window film blocks UV rays that pass through the glass. Since wide windows are exposed to more sunlight than narrow windows, it’s best to cover them with window film if you’re not going to purchase a separate window treatment. Window film will prevent your furniture and carpets from fading.

3. Shades For Wide Windows

Shades are great for dressing up wide windows. Windows that are extremely wide may require you to install more than one shade across the width of the window to cover it entirely. But some shades are available in wide widths. Roll them down for less brightness. And you can add a room darkening liner to control privacy and light.

See the outside view by rolling your shades up. When they’re retracted, shades create a gorgeous accent for your wide window.

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