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5 Projects to Increase Your Hartford Home Resale Value

June 19, 2018

Selling a house in Hartford can be a process. But if you’re thinking about putting your Hartford home on the market in the future, there are some projects both big and small that you can do to both increase your home’s value, and to make it stand out more to possible buyers.

Below are some of the best ways to increase your Hartford home value.

Install New Flooring

“New flooring” is one of the most commonly seen features on listings for home sales. Regardless what type of floors they are, from wood to laminate to carpet, new floors increase your home’s appeal during a walkthrough and can help a listing move more quickly.

If you’re trying to add some interest to your home listing, try installing some less expensive plush carpet or LVT flooring that can make a big impression without breaking the bank. If you’re in your home for the long haul but you know that you’ll sell it someday, think about putting in hardwood floors or natural tile, which lasts a lifetime but can make a great impact on your home’s value.

Improve Your Lighting

When thinking about lighting, most people immediately think about interior lighting. Although installing new or trendy light fixtures like track lighting or responsive LED lighting is a good plan, don’t forget to pay attention to how you can make use of natural light indoors.

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Using natural light will make your space seem larger, brighter, and cozier. Besides, you’re more likely to have a potential buyer walk through during the day, when sunlight will play a bigger role than light fixtures.

Think about installing window treatments that let your windows get the most out of natural light. Plantation shutters in Hartford are a great choice, since they let you adjust the angle that sunlight enters.

Replace The Little Things

Putting in brand-new appliances, millwork, and other large-scale jobs may help a listing get noticed, but you might get a lot more bang for your buck by spending time on your home’s small details.

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Put in new faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Get new handles and knobs for all of your cabinets and drawers. Repolish the handrail and banister of your staircase. Get new vent covers for your ceiling and floor vents. All of these smaller projects can make a big difference at a fraction of the cost of bigger projects.

Maximize Storage Space

“Space” is the main word here. All the closets, extra rooms, and square feet in the world won’t appeal to potential buyers if they’re cluttered.

Make room in your closets by using space-saving racks, clear out rooms leaving only the bare necessities, and keep extra furniture or belongings into a short-term storage unit or into your new house.

Control The Temperature

If possible buyers are too hot or cold when taking a look at your home, there’s not a good chance that they remember it fondly when making a decision. The simplest way to make sure guests are comfortable is to dial up your thermostat – don’t hesitate to make your air conditioner do a little extra work in the summer and likewise with the furnace during winter.

You can reduce the stress on yourself and your HVAC system by insulating your home. An insulating window treatment like Polywood® plantation shutters can help block heat loss through the glass by half, making it a lot easier to control the temperature in your home.

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Make Home Upgrades For Now Or The Future

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