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The Best Window Treatments For The Northeast and Hartford

January 07, 2021

When you’re a resident of Hartford, the climate makes picking window treatments for your Northeast home somewhat tricky. You need a window treatment that can safeguard your home from both bitter winters and hot summers. You may also like something beautiful but that won’t look mismatched if you have a historic home.

You can find the ideal balance of insulation and beauty with window treatments like Plantation shutters and Roman shades. Both options keep Northeastern homes comfortable and beautiful.

Polywood shutters in a bedroom.

Consider Energy-Efficient Polywood Shutters For Window Treatments In Your Northeast Home

Plantation shutters make for beautiful window treatments in the Northeast. Many Cape Cods and country houses incorporate white for trim. White Polywood® shutters blend in well with this classic look. In fact, they coordinate with all architectural styles and décor!

The Northeast has chilly winters and muggy summers. If you’re feeling the outside temperatures inside your Hartford home, add protection to your windows with plantation shutters. Their special design allows them to shut tighter than other window treatments to block drafts, sunlight, and moisture.

While early Northeastern homes used wood shutters, newer faux wood shutters hold up against the climate much better. Polywood shutters guard against damage from humidity, extreme temperatures, and UV rays. They also insulate windows up to 70% more efficiently than traditional wood shutters and 1200% more than aluminum blinds. They block out both chilly air and hot UV rays so that you’re more comfortable in your house without being too hard on your HVAC system.

Popular home styles in the Northeast often lack natural light. Cape Cods usually have small windows, and rambler homes feel dark due to their extended roofs. You don't want window treatments that keep your Hartford home dim. When the sun comes out, let in the light and warmth by completely opening your shutter panels for an unfettered view. Or adjust the shutter louvers slightly for softer, filtered light. This balance between excellent insulation and easy light control makes interior shutters ideal for your windows, no matter their size or shape.

Roman shades in a bay window.

Find the Balance Between Style and Insulation With Roman Shades In Hartford

Another stylish window treatment for Northeast homes, Roman shades are striking heavy shades that add beauty and insulation to drafty windows. Their plush material absorbs a lot of the cold, damp air outside and keeps warm interior air inside to keep a comfortable room temperature.

Roman shades operate like roller shades. They roll up easily when you would like some sunlight and an outside view. On a bright day, raise up your Roman shades to let in warm sunlight, and then shut them again to trap in the heat as the exterior temperature drops. Cordless or motorized Roman shades work wonderfully for big windows like those frequently seen in rambler homes.

You can find Roman shades in many different fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures to complement your design palette. Their layers of material imitate the style and feel of drapes without the hassle of curtains. They add a bit of elegance to otherwise simple Cape Cods and country houses without looking out of place. For owners of historic-inspired homes, Roman shades offer a compromise between traditional curtains and modern window coverings.

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