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Large picture window with white Polywood shutters within an office setting.

The Top Window Treatments For Picture Windows In Hartford

November 22, 2022

Picture windows give you a wonderful sightline to the outside world and bring in an abundance of natural light. With that in mind these sizeable windows can be challenging to cover when you need lower light levels or privacy. You don’t need bulky drapes or blinds that are a pain to adjust. But you should find something attractive on a large picture window that takes up such a wide amount of space inside your home. And something insulating will aid in making your impressive window better for your home’s efficiency. Knowing this, think about installing one of these exceptional possibilities for picture window treatments in Hartford.

Wood Plantation Shutters Give You An Alluring Option

Ovation shutters above a modern kitchen sink

Elegant louvered shutters look incredible on big picture windows in Hartford. They never go out of style and are available in a wide range of paint and stain colors to blend with your existing interior design. And premium wood shutters like Ovation® shutters provide more durability than poorly constructed window blinds or shades.

Louvered shutters are simple to use with big picture windows and provide more ways to control sunlight and privacy than alternative window treatments. You are able to swing their hinged panels open for a complete view and a flood of sunlight or close them for a dimmer room and privacy. You can also open the adaptable louvers on secured panels to attain the level of light you want. Or utilize the louvers to shift sunshine away from reflective surfaces to eliminate glare. And due to the fact that plantation shutters are precisely sized to your window, they don’t leave spaces for exterior light to get through if you prefer to have it dark.

Polywood Shutters Are The Best At Insulating Picture Windows

White Polywood shutters on a large picture window within a medium-sized dining room.

Large windows like picture windows lose a lot of your home’s heat during the colder months and let in the sun’s hot rays in the summertime. If you would like to keep your property’s comfort levels consistent and reduce utility bills, pick Polywood® shutters for your picture window treatments in Hartford. Like wood louvered shutters, they obstruct the sun’s warmth when closed, but they insulate even better. They also feature exclusive weather sealing to prevent heat from escaping through your window and protect your property from outside drafts.

Polywood shutters also bring a new level of elegance to your windows. They are available in three white paint colors that match all types of home decor and lend a fashionable appeal to what may be viewed as traditional shutters. Polywood shutters are also longer lasting than alternative choices and will embellish your picture window for years on end. They never fade or discolor, regardless of the quantity of sunshine your picture window receives, and they never chip, warp, or splinter from humidity or intense temperatures.

Cellular Shades Offer A Unique Appeal to Your Hartford Picture Window

Beige cellular shades on a large picture window with a beach scene.

In the event you are more inclined to the soft look of textile window shades, cellular shades make great picture window treatments for Hartford homes. They come in various styles, colors, and materials, so it’s simple to find cellular shades that fit your decor tastes. You are also able to get motorized cellular shades if normal options are too much of a challenge to operate on a big picture window.

As an added bonus, cellular shades’ special fabrication lets them be more energy-efficient than other types of window shades. They consist of pleats that fold and unfold like an accordion when you raise or lower them. These pleats create pockets or cells that capture air entering around your windows. This insulating ability helps you keep your interior at the proper temperature no matter how big your picture window is.

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