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Hartford Cafe Shutters Give Your Room A Unique Look

Café shutters (also known as half shutters) can completely change the look of your kitchen, eating space, or breakfast nook. Café shutters put the stunning louvers and classic looks of Hartford plantation shutters on the bottom half of your window, with open space up top to allow light in.

Hartford cafe shutters sun room 

But Why Café Shutters?

Café shutters are more than just a half set of shutters, however. They’re a whole window treatment in their own right, built to let in some light at all times, yet still maintaining your privacy. This makes them great fits for tall or high-wall windows in your space. Another fantastic spot for cafe shutters is in any room that could use more natural light like the dining room, living room, or the kitchen.

Hartford cafe shutters closedHartford cafe shutters open

Café shutters can pair with just about any other window treatment, in case you’d rather not keep the top of your window frame bare. Pair natural wood café shutters with an earth-toned valance for that cozy café aesthetic, or put white faux wood cafe shutters with some brightly-colored drapes for a more up to date look. There are many possibilities when you can make use of natural light, beautiful plantation shutters, and your own creativity.

Hartford wood cafe shuttersHartford faux wood cafe shutters

You might be wondering, “Should I just install a full set of shutters on my window?” There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, as every home is different. Ask your Sunburst Shutters sales rep for advice on choosing the perfect fit for your windows

But if you want to bridge the gap between full plantation shutters and café style shutters. If that’s the case, you want plantation shutters with a divider rail.


Divider Rail Shutters Give You The Best of Both Worlds

Plantation shutters with a divider rail have the full frame of a normal set of plantation shutters, with an extra feature. On most shutters, all of the louvers move together from top to bottom. Divider rail shutters have two halves that move separately, so you can adjust the bottom half of your louvers without changing the top, and the other way around.

Hartford cafe kitchen shutters 

With a divider rail you basically have all the advantages of café shutters, with none of the drawbacks. You can completely close your shutters for privacy, and to keep your home more comfortable. And when you tilt the top louvers horizontally, they’re barely noticeable, giving you the look of cafe shutters if and when you need it.


Get Café Shutters in Hartford Today!

Want to find out if café shutters would fit your design? It comes down to your home’s unique needs, design, and your own personal taste. If you’re looking for a second opinion, Sunburst Shutters Connecticut would love to help.

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